The primary purpose of J 3:16 is evangelistic: to reach the unsaved with the simple truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a presentation which is attractive, a message that is easily understood and a medium that can be duplicated inexpensively.


Free, downloadable, fully illustrated Gospel tracts.
J 3:16 Gospel Tracts are offered free of charge as PDF files and are currently available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

J 3:16 Gospel tracts are:
• Simple and direct;
• Christ-centered, containing the basic message of the Gospel and the plan of salvation;
• Illustrated: something that experience has demonstrated to be of great importance in attracting and maintaining the reader’s attention;
• Free (see below);
• Made specifically to be copied and distributed.

Terms of Use and Restrictions:

J 3:16 Gospel Tracts and Graphics (including PowerPoint presentations) may be duplicated and distributed freely as long as copies or originals are never sold and no financial profit is obtained.

J 3:16 Gospel Tracts and Graphics (including PowerPoint presentations) may not be altered in whole or in part. No part (such as content or illustrations) may be used in other publications or web sites without prior authorization and may not be used promote or teach anything other the Christian faith.


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