Chuck Johnson

I encourage our volunteers who are going on a short-term mission trip to take along some of the different J3-16 tracts to use as they do Gospel Saturation projects in the different countries that make up the Middle America and Caribbean region. These tracts are biblically sound and culturally relevant for sharing Christ. The tracts often open doors for sharing Christ as the people see the illustrations and begin to ask questions.

The tracts are an excellent witnessing tool for sharing Christ as they also address life issues which especially young adults are facing. An added benefit is having each of the tracts in the many different languages. I praise God for these tracts and the impact they are having on people around the Caribbean and Latin
American countries.

Chuck Johnson
• Regional Volunteer Strategy
• Middle America and Caribbean
• International Mission Board


Pr. George Foster

I' have known John Hatton, writer, illustrator and pastor, for almost 30 years. Ever since his teen years in Rio de Janeiro he has been nurturing a passion to communicate the Gospel through contextualized illustrations which catch people's attention and invite them to read. They are attractive, provocative and biblically solid. Millions of these tracts have been distributed and only in eternity will we know how many lives were reached for God's Kingdom.

George Foster
• International Pastor
• Bethany International Missions
• Former Director, Bethany Evangelical Mission in Brazil (Betânia)


Pr. Guy Key

I have used the J 3-16 Ministry tracts for several years. They are tracts I have used in personal evangelism, when I have shared the plan of salvation and several times I have seen people praying with me, accepting Christ as their Savior. I also use these tracts in lightening evangelism, where I simply hand the tract and say "here's a message that changed my life." I have never seen anybody throw one of these tracts on the ground. They are practical, objective and interesting tracts because there are few words to read and many illustrations.

I have distributed about 30,000 of these tracts through the years during such events as the Olympics, Carnaval and the World Cup.
International Mission Board Missionary and Pastor
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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