God confirmed J 3:16's ministry in a remarkable way!

March 2006: Missions trip to the lowlands of Maranhão

Five thousand tracts were distributed in Pinheiro, Maranhão. They were incredibly well received. Only 2 tracts were found thrown away on the streets. See how the 4 types of J 3:16 tracts we took were used and received in the photos below.

Check out our "uniform." This day we went out with the "How to Get a Kick out of Life" (in Portuguese) tract cover stamped on our T-Shirts, as well as the local church's name right above it.

The union of our team with the First Baptist Church of Pinheiro's leaders created a synergy which we believe was brought about by the Lord Jesus Himself. Many were praying for us and for those who would be receiving the Good News. We could certainly feel the presence and power of the Lord in a special way!

This is the team that went from Sheridan Hills Baptist Church and itsBrazilian Ministry: Matt Sanders, Francisco Silva, John Hatton and Augusto Curvo. God joined our hearts together in a special way and used us to reach many people.

Note: "The Big Mistake" tract (O Grande Erro in Portuguese) was inspired during an earlier trip to Pinheiro and "tested" this time. Soon it will be available on this site.

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